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CIGA Design

CIGA Design is an original watch brand from China. Since the brand started at 2013, we've won many awards including Reddot, German Design. And most importantly and proudly, last year, we were invited to the most famous and authoritative award, which is known as "the Oscars" in watch industry - GPHG. We not only got the chance to stand there and compete with those famous brands from Swiss, but CIGA Design - Blue Planet won the award eventually. This is the only original watch brand from China who won the prize in the past 21 years. New York Times, Bloomberg and other big media reported this and gave out their comments.

CIGA Design watch is a style statement! There, we said it! These meticulously crafted watches are sure to stun you and the onlookers! Grab these luxury CIGA Design watches at the best price only at Ghadiwaala. We have a huge collection of CIGA Design watches for men and women to suit your precise demand! Check ’em out!

CIGA Design Watches


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