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Customer Reviews

Testimonial 1
Excellent product great brand and very elegant look thanks Ghadiwaala for timely delivery in nice pack
krishna Meegada
Testimonial 2
Did some research before buying this watch, and I’m glad I got one! Wonderful design, seamless butterfly/hidden clasps, sapphire glass, all in all a good watch. The blue coloured dial radiates out its true colour only in bright light else it seems somewhat like a light black shade when you’re indoors. Go for it!

Thanks Ghadiwaala !!
Testimonial 3
I really loved this watch.It gives you a very classy look!
Vaishnavi Saha
Testimonial 4
Good watch for the price. I have not faced any Bluetooth connectivity issue as of now. For Iphone there is issue in syncing contacts. Need to connect Bluetooth watch audio too answer call in watch.Display is good and you will not get any good screen guard or tempered glass for this watch so need to be very careful. Battery life is good.
Bilal Khan